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Utility Management Billing System
Modernizing the billing and engagement experience for utilities
Customer engagement
Customer Engagement Designed for Utilities
Enhancing the customer experience by providing a convenient, accessible and user-friendly interface
Implementations Made Easy
From the initial stages to deployment and beyond, we support you
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About Rostech

We listen to you and we show up for you

RosTech is a Certified Women Business Enterprise specializing in Utility Billing Management Services, dedicated to delivering flexible, high-quality, state of the art billing solutions while delivering personalized customer support. 

Value Focused
Value Focused
Why Choose UMBS?

The Pinnacle of Utility Billing

Our purpose-built software adapts to the ever-changing utility landscape, allowing users to configure billing, services, inventory, and workflows. With a user-friendly design and intuitive interface, it supports seamless change management for cost-effective implementations.

Billing and customer engagement
The primary Customer Service Representative (CSR) dashboard provides tools for customer service tasks like account management and call logging with user-defined permissions. The Customer Self-Service platform allows customers to manage utility services conveniently. Billing and customer engagement portals offer personalized experiences for utility management needs.
Service order automation
UMBS service orders can be input manually or automatically assigned based on predefined queues. The system supports recurring scheduling and role-based security protocols for data integrity and confidentiality.
Meter inventory management
The system ensures precise billing, timely maintenance, and resource allocation. UMBS verifies billing data, usage, and detects errors. Utilities can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction while maximizing resource utilization and minimizing operational disruptions.
Backflow management
Backflow management software helps water utilities monitor and manage backflow prevention devices, ensuring drinking water safety. UMBS maintains device databases, tracks inspections, generates reports, and alerts utilities of maintenance tasks for compliance and risk minimization.
Automated workflows
UMBS revolutionizes utility management with automated workflows and wizards, boosting operational efficiency, cutting costs, reducing manual labor, and minimizing errors for utility companies. This leads to cost reductions, optimal resource allocation, and improved customer experiences.
Exception processing
Streamlining exception handling through workflow capabilities helps reduce errors, cut costs, and improve service quality for customers.
Flexible configuration
Utility billing software should have flexible configuration to meet diverse needs, allowing customization of settings, billing cycles, rates, taxes, and fees. Our UMBS solution offers configurable reporting features for custom reports on customer data, billing history, and revenue analysis, empowering users to optimize utility billing processes.
Dynamic reporting
UMBS offers over 60 standard reports with customizable options through a grid builder. User-defined reporting groups allow segmentation of customer accounts and reports can be reprinted from any historical period, exported, and include selectable date ranges.

The RosTech Difference

Our solution offers a range of features designed to streamline your utility billing operations and enhance overall efficiency. From automated billing processes to detailed reporting capabilities, our software is equipped to handle all aspects of utility billing with precision and accuracy. Additionally, our friendly and professional support team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth implementation process and providing ongoing assistance to guarantee your satisfaction.
Our purpose-built software for utility billing offers flexible configurations for billing services, inventory and workflows.
Our team is ready every day to help with any inquiries, regardless of their size, and to offer strategic solutions and industry knowledge to provide support in the evolving landscape of the utility market.
Fit for Purpose
Our implementation measure of success ensures that the solution delivered aligns perfectly with the specific needs and requirements it was created for.
With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, our team meticulously plans each step of the migration process to guarantee a smooth transition. By leveraging our expertise and innovative approach, we aim to minimize disruptions and optimize outcomes.