"It's interesting - from the very beginning, RosTech has really understood our needs and has effectively written and integrated software to meet those needs. Other vendors just didn't get it."

Melanie Clements
Superior Ironworks
RosTech’s experience has resulted in a software development methodology that underscores the importance of the initial or conception stage of the desired application along with flexibility throughout the software development life cycle. This allows for emerging or changing requirements during the coding, testing or training stages.

More importantly, RosTech designs system that are configurable, using control tables for system options allowing room for business process changes that will not require software code changes.
"RosTech is our savior! They've been developing our software systems and solving our software problems for over 15 years now. We've always been delighted with both their talents and their responsiveness."

Cathy Mao
Waggaman Corporation