RosTech has a very common-sense approach and is really flexible in helping us with both legacy systems and new technologies. And - equally important- we call them when we have a crisis. All of a sudden, that crisis just goes away.
Mike Thornton
Business Manager
Dedham Westwood Water Authority

What makes RosTech unique is our team of high caliber IT engineers and management consultants that have expertise in servicing the IT needs of a wide-variety of organizations. In addition to our core team, RosTech offers staff for other positions, as and when the need arises. These services include research, requirements definition, IT project management, cost benefit analysis, quality assurance and business process development.

RosTech’s team is well versed in the Agile Project Management Methodology that ensures rapid prototyping and delivery of valuable software. RosTech’s clients can testify to the fact that our team delivers meaningful software solutions in an effective and timely fashion. We are delighted that our clients repeatedly turn to us for IT consulting services and that our client retention is within the 90% range.

Our team is proud of the professionalism and efficiency of their services. They keep a very rich “toolbox” that ranges from Business Process Re-engineering methods, such as Lean and Six Sigma, to Software Development tools, like GitHub and the full MVC5 stack with Entity Framework and WebMatrix. RosTech’s team consists of individuals that not only “do the work”, but also share their expertise with your staff. They will consult and train your personnel to ensure full transfer of project knowledge.

Equally important to reliable software are sound business practices to fully leverage the functionality of the application. In this area RosTech stands out from the competition. Many of our clients rely on RosTech to observe operations and develop business process incorporating best practices.