Utility Management Billing System

It’s Simply Smarter

Dashboard. User configurable. Design it with colors and links to be the most efficent for your business processes
Manage Information - Use tile based information to find what you need quickly. Access almost everything from one page.
Manage Information - Popup windows to make updates from the same page.
Read History - View your data graphically or in searchable grids.
Account Transactions - View and manage billing and payments.
Drill Down - Get detailed information at a glance.
Bill Details and Actions
Service Order Scheduling. Use a interactive calendar to schedule service and work orders.
Detailed Meter Information. Rostech has years of experience in the water and wastewater utilities with multiple types of meters.
Collections & Payment Agreements. A robust delinquent system can make sure that you track due invoices and ability the collect penalties.

We have designed and developed the UMBS application using state-of-the-art frameworks, languages, tools and technologies - incorporating these concepts:

Flexible: An application that is easily tailored (custom coding not required) to accommodate varying billing frequencies, rate table structures, service types, payment applications and collection policies.

Intuitive: An application that is geared toward getting new locations up and running quickly and efficiently

Web-based: Application designed to be accessed securely from ANY device just by launching a web browser and pointing to a URL

Scalable and Adaptable: An application that delivers the services needed from small water/wastewater authorities to large management firms and third-party billing service providers

Supportive of end users: Delivering data mining features using standard business intelligence (BI) tools, thus offloading these tasks from the IT department.

Traceable: A system that has built-in tracking to log the origin and date of all activities that modify critical data elements that may affect the accuracy of a bill calculations or payment applications.

Auditable: A system that has built-in audit trails that log the origin and date of all transactions that impact a customer's account.

Relational Database: A model built that makes it possible to introduce changes or additions to the data model.

Working with RosTech and the UMBS system gives me a sense of relief knowing that I can always depend on them for whatever I need. No matter what comes my way, they are there to save the day.
Diane Miller
Tower City Borough Authority

Please contact Jean Zakotnik 301.980.3323 for more information and to schedule a demonstration of the Utility Management Billing System (UMBS) built to serve from 250 to 500,000 water & wastewater utility customers.

For more information about UMBS click here to download our frequently asked questions.

"We've worked with RosTech for years and, so far, there hasn't been a technical challenge they couldn't handle. Their consultants quickly interpret relevant information, cut to the chase with a workable plan, and then keenly focus on the required tasks to get the job done right the first time. They're highly results-oriented."

Mike Potochney
Director, IT
American Water Services


We meet our customers where they are. Then we take them where they want to go-- at their pace within their budget. How do we do this? It’s simple - RosTech is right-sized for flexibility. Flexibility in UMBS licensing, implementation scheduling and services, application hosting and on-going maintenance and support levels. No one should ever have to buy more than they need.

Utility Billing Management System

RosTech’s Utility Management Billing System (UMBS) is the product of more than two decades of information technology and water utility billing experience. Our earliest user of UMBS includes a water & wastewater utility management firm. This is an important distinction because UMBS was designed for rapid implementations with fully-configurable business processes, quality controls and is scalable to serve up to 250,000 customers allowing for unlimited number of flat-rate or consumption-based services.


We are different than other software vendors. Because RosTech isn’t just “a vendor”. We are the application specialist “just down the hall from you”. There every day and ready to respond to simple questions or urgent requests. Using the UMBS tools, we configure, extract, interface, tune and help our customer’s use UMBS to solve day-to-day problems and continue to improve on-going operations. And RosTech partners with its customer’s to steer the course of new feature development. We listen to our users and stay abreast of industry practices.